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"For the love of Panem, Marvel. Can we get out of here?" Glimmer asked sitting in a tall metal bar stool; examining the weird look Marvel returned to her. His right eyebrow archer upwards towards the high ceiling, and his eyes widened.
"You, Glimmer, want to leave your favourite-ever club, before it closes? Glimmer, are you feeling alright? You must be sick." He said, placing the back of his smooth hand on top of her blemish-free forehead. No, she wasn't in a fever. Good.
"No. I'm just tired of this place right now…Can we go to the park?" She asked, playing with a loose ringlet that fell out of its place.  Marvel smiled, and bent his head down to her level, which wasn't too much shorter than himself.
"Alright Princess, lead the way," He smiled, helping her out of her chair. Glimmer smiled back. She loved his smile; the way it lit up his whole perfect face. How it made him look extremely intelligent; exactly like he was. She closed her eyes, and leaned against him, breathing in his comforting smell.
"It's alright, you lead; I'm a little dizzy." She said, placing a hand on her head. He chuckled, and whispered in her ear.
"You must be sick, you love taking charge." He slipped his hand around her waist, like he always did, and they left the loud music of the nightclub with her stilettos clicking against the pavement.
"Why did you want to leave?" He asked, eyeing her as they continued towards the park. Glimmer bit her lip, not wanting to say she left because so many girls were looking at him. No. She would never say that to him, he could never know how she felt about him. So she lied.
"I think I drank a little too much, I did have a few glasses." She said, elbowing him slightly in the side. "Thanks for leaving with me." She added, smiling up at her best friend. Isn't that average? Falling in love with your best friend, it sounds so pathetic. But Marvel was a great friend, someone who she trusted all her secrets to. Of course she loved him; she had just never realized it. She remembered when they were both 14, swimming one time in his backyard pool. How when she saw him coming out of his house with just swim trunks on she flushed and looked away. And how after she had just wanted to put her fingers in his hair, or just to run her fingers over his lean but noticeable muscles; but she didn't realized that, until just now. She had wanted him all her life, and only just now she understood it.

Marvel smiled back at her, putting on that one smile that made her blush. It did; the prettiest shade of red and pink. He tightened his grasp on her waist, like she expected him to. "You're welcome, Princess." He said, pinching her already flushed cheeks. She was gorgeous, especially when she was blushing. How her 'messy' hair was actually the most natural and beautiful shade and shape. He longed to run his fingers through it. But Glimmer wouldn't like that. She wouldn't.  He realized everything he and Glimmer did together felt like a dance. It was perfectly choreographed at the start, or else they would keep doing it over and over again till they knew exactly what the other was going to do before they knew themselves. He turned to Glimmer, and was about to say how he felt, about her. But then she pointed over in the direction they were heading. "Look! It looks like a party at my friend Kandy's house. Want to go?"

Glimmer had noticed the change in his walk, the way he turned. And she wasn't ready. Not for a talk. Not now. So she noticed the flashing lights of her friend's house, and she used it as a distraction. Marvel looked down at her, still holding her around the waist. "I thought you felt weird?"

"Oh, no." She said, tugging his hand slightly. "I couldn't stand the constant smell of smoke, alcohol, and those lights. Way to bright." She said, grasping his hand. "Want to?" She repeated. He looked her up and down, and settled on her face. The sparkle of her eyes, and the way, even after hours of partying, her makeup stayed relatively flawless. Marvel sighed, and nodded. "Alright, fine. We can go." He said, smiling. Damn that girl, she could make him do anything, just with the batting of her eyelashes, and that smile. He twirled his fingers in her hair quickly, and smiled at her. Glimmer smiled widely. She would get to dance with Marvel, in the safety of her friends; who wouldn't dare look at him like those other girls did without fear of being mutilated. She pulled him along down the street, her heel clicks barely audible. He laughed, and walked with her. One day, he was going to tell her. And that one day was coming sooner than he thought.
So, my first fanfiction in which I will actually complete! ^_^
I have put some work into this, and I would just LOVE feed back! <3 It would mean so much. Anyway, I hope you like it,

Yours truly,

A Hunger Games Fan.
Allisonmadison1 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist

totally a hunger games Fan! love Glato and Clato but mostly Glimmer and marvel! just let the feaking games begin to see Flinick!:D
LOL!:) back me up!:)
GalexFinnick Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
Thank you! ^^; xD And I'll return the favour then! ^_^ And you rock more :D
Allisonmadison1 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist
welcome and thamks!:D
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